13 Comments Fashion Week with Elle & Blair - Day 1

September 5, 2011

Fall fashion is going to be so simple to glide in to since pretty, flouncy, and colorful pieces from summer are still in. The only work (or fun!) you have is simply accessorizing them in the right way to seamlessly transition from Summer to Autumn. No one will ever suspect that you're wearing your favorite maxi dress you were sneaking out every chance you got for the last few months!

4 Comments The Cateye With A Twist Tutorial

Be the first to wear the fiercest runway trend of fall. It's a modern twist of a cateye, with the classic look of a wing and a modern twist of geometry! Click the button below to learn this easy look.

7 Comments Pretty Little Liars Series: Aria Montgomery Style Guide

September 2, 2011

Pretty Little Liars fan favorite, Aria Montgomery, has the most sought after wardrobe of all the little liars. Her girly fashion sense is spiced up with edgy pieces that look flawlessly worked in. Click the button below to see an Aria inspired style guide.