2 Comments Beginners Guide to Makeup Brushes: Face Edition

August 28, 2011

With so many makeup brushes on the market, it's hard to choose which ones will be beneficial to you, personally. In this beginners guide I've included the uses of different face brushes, whether it's an absolute necessity or if you could wait to try it out, and if you should save or splurge on each brush. To see the full guide just click the button below and enjoy!

8 Comments Pretty Little Liars Series: Spencer Hastings Style Guide

August 23, 2011

Spencer Hasting's style is a little bit equestrian, mixed with vintage staples, polished with classic cuts, and totally one-of-a-kind. Click the button below to see her complete style guide!

4 Comments Give In To Peer Pressure: Start Smoking

August 22, 2011

It's safe to say Fall is full of intense statement pieces, so why not include your eyes? Smokey eyes have been around for years, so it's time to try something new: cool colored cat eyes. I've included a tutorial and a few eyeshadow suggestions, so click the button below if you dare to live on the wild side.

3 Comments Review: Does Your Perfume Make You Feel Madly In Love?

August 21, 2011

Lovestruck by Vera Wang is described as "a modern twist on Romeo and Juliet, it's all about Vera's interpretation of being madly in love." Vera Wang's Princess has always been my signature scent, but I'm willing to say this may be my new addiction. Click the button below to read more about the scent!

2 Comments Review: Olsenboye - Affordable & Chic

August 18, 2011

I typically slack on the review part of my blog, but I wanted to feature this collection since I'm more than obsessing over it. If you haven't heard of it yet, it's Olsenboye by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, a collection exclusively for JCPenney. The reason I chose to feature Olsenboye is because it's very affordable in-the-moment fashion with tons of different looks that you can mix and match. Plus, who isn't inspired by the Olsen twins' outrageous style that they somehow pull off impeccably? Keep in mind, this love of Olsenboye is coming from a person who typically skips JCPenney shopping spree, but when the pieces are inspired by traveling to different cities in different countries, observing what the most fashionable women of the world would be wearing, I can't resist. I chose a few of my favorite ensembles from the lookbook. Click the button below to see the collection, along with some of my favorites.

2 Comments Pretty Little Liars Series: Hanna Marin Style Guide

August 16, 2011

Pretty Little Liars is getting more and more intense as the summer finale slowly creeps up on us. Emily is still the focus of "A" with her cereal shock and scary spa visit. Aria and Ezra's relationship is ready for a new extreme, just in time for a rumor of romance between Spencer and Ezra, but at least Spencer looked stunning in a one-of-a-kind denim cutout shirt (just a side note: denim is huge for fall fashion, so take notes from Spencer, ladies!) Jenna is extra creepy, showing up places she shouldn't be and hanging out with Garrett, a part of the N.A.T. club that includes Jason and former member, Ian. On top of all this drama, Hanna has her own problems; she's the target of her evil stepsister-to-be after a bad horseback riding experience and a little embarrassing trash talk. If you haven't already, you'll have to get additional details from watching the episode because I don't post spoilers!

8 Comments Catch the Wave

August 13, 2011

Most trends that take over the red (or any other color) carpet aren't exactly appropriate for everyday life, but there is one popular style that looks lovely anywhere, anytime, and for any occasion. Side swept locks can look chic and polished or laid back and loose, depending on your style.

1 Comments Pretty Little Liars Series: Emily Fields Style Guide

August 9, 2011

Did you guys watch Pretty Little Liars tonight? It's undoubtedly getting more and more intense. With the steamy relationship heating up more and more between Aria and Ezra (and what's with Jason?), the tragedy between Hanna and Caleb, the detective work of Spencer (again...Jason!?), and of course, Emily's bizarre life and the soul target of "A" right now. Don't worry, I won't pour out any spoilers for those of you who didn't get a chance to catch it, but I will fill you in on some of Emily's style.

5 Comments Day 3: 3 Days of Emma - Style Guide

August 7, 2011

Sorry for skipping a day in my 3 Days of Emma, but I've been very busy in my normal life and since I do a lot of drawings and go on fashion hunts (I've never used Polyvore in my posts) it takes a lot of time for just one post. I hope everyone understands. Plus, I never said it was three continuous days of Emma! Anyway, here's a style guide to the beautiful Emma Stone. Is it me, or does she always look smokin' cute...does that make sense? Haha.

3 Comments Day 2: 3 Days of Emma - Hair Tutorial

August 5, 2011

Emma's hair at the Friends with Benefits premiere was totally cute an unexpected. I love that she's a natural blonde that can rock red locks and make it look natural. I'll tell you how to get this cute and easy ponytail that can be worn to a dressy party or with a tee and jeans.

3 Comments Day 1: 3 Days of Emma - Makeup Tutorial

August 4, 2011

Emma Stone is one of the top most successful actresses at the moment, wouldn't you agree? She's starring in three movies that will be in theaters this month: Friends with Benefits, Crazy, Stupid, Love, and, coming out August 10th, The Help. In honor of her great success, I will be doing a "3 Days of Emma" feature (one day for each movie!) Starting off is a makeup tutorial that will teach you one of Emma's signature looks. Enjoy!

6 Comments Hippie Style

August 2, 2011

Bohemian style consists of lots of feathers, turquoise, stones, faded denim, vintage florals, espadrilles, and worn leathers. Matte and earthy are boho's best friends, so snatch them up while you can. The style is perfect for the transition from hot summer heat, to cool autumn breezes, just throw on a chunky sweater! What's your take on Boho Fashion?

0 Comments Just A Quick Poll

August 1, 2011
I usually don't do posts unless I have something informational to share, but I need to put up a quick poll to get your opinions. I've been making out my blog calendar for the month and I've decided I'm going to do a Pretty Little Liars feature every Tuesday, starting next week on the 9th. I'm not going to spoil and tell you exactly what the posts will be about, but if you're as obsessed with the series as I am, you'll have to keep an eye out for those!

My question to you is:

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