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July 21, 2011
Most of us have caught the fake bake bug at some point and, with hundreds of hues to choose from, it can be intimidating to choose the perfect product. When you build up the courage to test a product, the result is streaky, splotchy, and you've got a hideous tangerine glow that later leaves you with damaged skin from obsessively scrubbing every inch of your oompa loompa-tinged epidermis. That fake bake bug from before has evolved into a fake bake cockroach...ew. But no worries, this isn't an issue any longer and the solution isn't resorting to a skin damaging tanning salon that cost more than a great product.

Beautisol is a company that has built a reputation for providing the most natural faux bronze and they can back up their ratings with rewards from big names like Good Housekeeping, Today, and quite a few satisfied customers. The best part is, you'll never be left in the dark about how to properly apply your product. Beautisol tanning products are infused with something called "guide color" (so you know exactly where you've placed your lotion) and the company has provided multiple guides, tips, and videos instructing the appropriate application of their multiple lotions.

The Self-Tanning Lotion is available in Summer Glow(dark) and All Seasons Glow(light) and they give off minimal odor so they don't smell bad at all. The lotions are safe to apply whenever you have a free block in your schedule: whether that be in the morning, before tackling your day, or at night, right before bed, because your tan won't rub off on your clothes or your sheets. You even get full control of your tan since you can wash it off whenever you're pleased with the intensity of your color. If you have problematic skin, there's even more that this company can offer.

Need I Glow More? No, I mean, this is their line of Face Self-Tanners. They come formulated for either oily and problematic skin or dry and sensitive skin. If you have oily skin, the product is going to absorb the oil in your skin, making your face less acne prone and moisturizer is the key to hydrating your dry skin and doubling as an anti-aging agent.

There's also some pro's to self tanning, so forget the melanoma phobia and read on:
1. Sunkissed skin disguises dark circles and bags under your eyes, so spend more time on-the-go and enjoying your summer, rather than overdosing on your beauty sleep.
2. Self tanning lotions ensure even skin coverage, so you're not going to be as reliant on covering imperfections with foundation and cakey powders.
3. Although some sun exposure is required for natural vitamin D, sunless tanning will provide you with a gorgeous glow that can be covered sunscreen to avoid harmful UV rays and keep your skin healthy.

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