5 Comments Day 3: 3 Days of Emma - Style Guide

August 7, 2011

Sorry for skipping a day in my 3 Days of Emma, but I've been very busy in my normal life and since I do a lot of drawings and go on fashion hunts (I've never used Polyvore in my posts) it takes a lot of time for just one post. I hope everyone understands. Plus, I never said it was three continuous days of Emma! Anyway, here's a style guide to the beautiful Emma Stone. Is it me, or does she always look smokin' cute...does that make sense? Haha.

My drawing is a picture of Emma at a premiere, but I did the fashion guide on her everyday style since that's more realistic to us normal girls! Emma's fashion sense is basically the mullet of style: half party, half business. What I mean is that Emma takes one statement piece, pairs it with other very toned down pieces, and lets her focal piece do the talking, rather than looking like it's fighting for the spotlight amongst other loud pieces. For example, if you want to rock a leopard skirt, pair it with a plain tshirt and a simple cardigan up top. A nautical striped shirt can be neutralized with a leather jacket and skinny jeans. To rock some Joie Elvis booties, keep it simple with a tee and jeans and stampede around in those hot stompers. I can only imagine everything in Emma's closet being so effortless and chic to style!

So, unfortunately, this concludes my 3 Days of Emma Stone. But don't worry, I'm sure she'll be back! Now you can wear her makeup, hairstyle, and fashion. What are your thoughts on Emma Stone?


Charlotte! said...

I awarded you Lovely Blogger award on my blog: www.islandbeauty33.blogspot.com! Check it out(:

inmyhansonshirt said...

I love her and I have loved the three days of Emma Stone! Such a great idea, and they've been amazing to read! :D


Lila said...

Thank you sooo much! It means a lot!

Charlee said...

I love Emma Stone and her style, so enjoying this blog post :)


Leah Olion said...

omg i love Emma stone cool post
and very creative site!


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