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August 13, 2011

Most trends that take over the red (or any other color) carpet aren't exactly appropriate for everyday life, but there is one popular style that looks lovely anywhere, anytime, and for any occasion. Side swept locks can look chic and polished or laid back and loose, depending on your style.

This style is easy; just curl your hair as you would regularly, then sweep it all to your preferred side. Most of these ladies pushed their hair to the opposite side of their part. Tip: if your hair is short or if you have short layers that won't stay put, you can use a little hair spray and a bobby pin at the nape of your neck to keep hair secured to one side. You can even leave a few stray strands out for a less put together look. Just use these celebrities for inspiration.
Accessorize: Use one oversized statement earring on the opposite side of your curls to balance your look. Try a long feathered earring or a flashy, dangling gem embellished earring.


inmyhansonshirt said...

I really love this look. It's dramatic, but not over the top.


Lila said...

You're such a sweetheart! I love all of your support.

Anonymous said...

Lol interesting remark! :)
BTW I saw your beautiful creation: The Bloom with Beauty logo and I just love it! Awesome job! :) congrats!


Taylor said...

I saw your header too and I was wondering if you could like teach me how to make them or something! Love your blog!



Charlee said...

I really love this look, this is how I style my hair a lot :)


Lila said...

Hey girls, just email me at lushluxelovely@yahoo.com and we'll discuss headers.

@Charlee: I style my hair this way as well. I love the way it looks with insanely long hair.

Kim said...

I love this look! I wish I could do it for my ball in October ): Too bad the stupid hairdresser totally butchered my hair >.<

xo Kim

Terri said...

New follower!

I love Lucy Hale's hair here. So elegant... shame I can't have it as I have short hair. But definitely growing it because I really miss having long hair now.

p.s. also love watching Pretty Little Liars! The time has come for the next episode wooohoooooo :)



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