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July 22, 2011
I'm loving my blog so far and I hope everyone who sees my posts does as well!
In honor of you guys, I hope to do a giveaway in the near-ish future.
I'm thinking once I get either 100 or 150 subscribers, the giveaway will officially start. I've raised the bar a little high on followers because of the semi-luxury of the prize I'm choosing.

So I need help from you guys. What would you like to win in a giveaway? You can vote on any of the choices I've provided or make your own suggestions in the comments. I want to make sure the majority of my followers can agree on a prize that ANYONE would love winning.
I will probably do one or two follow up posts to show the new suggested prizes that you can vote on until we find the final product.

So here are some suggestions (just click the picture to enlarge):

Suggestion rules: Be sure to make reasonable requests. Clearly, I'm not giving away an Alexander Wang bag that costs thousands of dollars! Ha ha. Make sure your suggestion is more product or accessory based. Avoid things that come in sizes (rings, clothing, etc.) because a size 6 ring doesn't fit all of us! I know I would hate winning a size 6 ring because I'm a 7!

Rules & Disclaimer
1. If you vote "Betsey Johnson" or "Purses & Clutches," I will assume you mean the one pictured, unless otherwise stated in the comments. I will most likely post additional options in a followup post.
2. You must be a subscriber. If you don't subscribe, I won't be able to consider your suggestions and you can't be a part of the giveaway.
3. This giveaway isn't sponsored in any way by any of the companies listed, hence the vagueness of the prize.
4. I have the right to cancel for any reason. Remember, I am only human and potential issues may take place that would restrain me from holding the giveaway, but I'm 99% sure everything will go smoothly.
5. This IS for promotional purposes, to get my name out there.


Rachel said...

This is a great idea for getting your blog known. Good luck!


Charlotte! said...

I voted for the Naked Palette, but i would also like Mac Brushes, or Betsey Johnson necklace!
Please check out my beauty blog! I have a post about an upcoming giveaway too!! Thanks!


Lila said...

The only catch with things like the brushes is that all the prizes are worth the same amount.

So if you get MAC brushes, you'd only get maybe two small brushes or one face brush.
Whereas, Sigma, you could get a whole set and they're supposed to be awesome.
And better yet, I've heard (this could be wrong) that Sigma gets their wholesale from Crown Brush (they just put their name on the brush) and it's just as good quality as MAC. In this case, you'd get a ton of great brushes.

So it's up to you guys. I wouldn't give out something like one of those fake ebay MAC sets, though ha ha. I want this to be a quality giveaway.

Lila said...

Hmm, I hope that made sense. Also, I'll keep your extra votes for Brushes & Betsey in mind! :)

Emily said...

I really love the look and feel of your blog, and the brushes or naked palette would be great!
Please have a look at my blog! I have a contest coming when I reach 50 followers! http://bloomwithbeauty.blogspot.com/ thanks!

Erin Grace said...

I would love love love the juicy couture bracelet!!! so so cute!!!

Lila said...

Thank you Emily! Yours is so cute & the background memorizes me.
And I'll keep your vote for the brushes & the Naked Palette in mind when I tally everything up. I'm follow you now.

Erin: bracelets are my absolute favorite accessory because they're so easy to style. I'm following you and your beautiful pictures :) Do you plan on being a photographer? Well, clearly, you're already one, but I mean career-wise.

Anonymous said...

I would love the Naked palette. I've been eyeing it for weeks;)
Check out my blog: http://thatssuperficiality.blogspot.com/

sehreen said...

i absoultly lov the naked palette :) and thanx fr this giveway :)

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